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“Petek Özgül, an accomplished computer engineer, project manager and social entrepreneur, began her career during her studies in Istanbul Technical University as a computer tutor/trainer for corporate sector. After earning Master’s degree in Technical University of Hamburg she started working as a development engineer in Philips Medical Systems in Germany.
After returning to Turkey she pursued her career as a project manager at multi-national companies and SMEs until she felt the need to accomplish something more. She won the Business Plan Competition in 2011 organized by MIT Enterprise Forum and Toyota among 3202 projects with “Uzmanlar”, an IT consultancy company exploring to utilize the special skills of people with autism to provide high quality software testing, quality control and data systems operations. She continues her doctorate studies on software engineering in Boğaziçi University. She is happily married and has two daughters who gave her the courage to follow the path she feels she belongs.
Petek Özgül shows us how an article can change your life. Hers was changed when she read an article about a father of an autistic child who focused on using the special skills of people with autism to turn them into ‘specialists.'” (From YouTube video summary)


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