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Ekle Destekle: +1 Sosyal Adım (+1 Social Step)

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Ekle Destekle, or +1 Soysal Adim (+1 Social Step), gives people ownership of directed advertising while also giving them the opportunity to fundraise for the charity of their choice.

Through the company’s website, individuals download the Ekle Destekle add-on to their browsers. An additional bar appears at the top of each individual’s web browser. On the bar, they select the charity of their choice, receive a tailored newsfeed with announcements from that charity and enter limited personal information. Using the basic personal information that Ekle Destekle users consciously provide, companies are able to purchase advertisements and directly reach their target audience through the newsfeeds. The majority of the profits from advertising go to chairity. Downloading the add-on is free for users and they do so with the knowledge that every minute they spend on the internet they are fundraising for their favorite NGO. This is a UN Business project and currently focuses its support on three major NGOs.

For more information: WebsitePartner organization article, @arti1SosyalAdim, Facebook.


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