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Scouting Social Enterprises in Istanbul


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WeDecide supports enterprises and institutions to tap into the collective intelligence of target communities. It allows organizations to crowd-source ideas to their challenges over Facebook and to conduct internal idea development and innovation management on independent and customized web-platforms.

In a recent WeDecide blogpost, Erdem Ovacik talked about the company’s potential role in the development of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs):

Wedecide platform and philosophy is in great alignment with SIBs. We believe in engaging people in policy decisions; not by asking them what they like, but asking them by what would work. We think the real potential of SIBs is that individuals can easily participate online, and would therefore embrace public decisions. Our platform is already delivering the marketspace necessary for the bonds – we are just letting users participate with fake money at the moment.. We aim to develop this service line, and offer a complete solution to interested public institutions.


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  1. Gray,
    Your posts are intelligent, informative and captivating. I ‘ve learned so much and can’t wait to read about the next amazing innovation!

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