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Mikado Consulting, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development

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Serra Titiz, founder of Mikado Consulting, talks about social entrepreneurship, her socially responsible company, and corporate responsibility.

On social entrepreneurship (0:00-3:38):

“A social entrepreneur is someone who sees a social problem and feels the urge to make a move…to make a good change…about the problem…A social entrepreneur is also an entrepreneur…but has a social cause.”

On Mikado Consulting (3:38-7:02):

“Mikado Consulting is a social enterprise… [with] no profit orientation.” Mikado, “is a company focusing on sustainable development and it has three main fields of activity. One, we think that sustainable development, a community’s development, can’t be happening without the private sector…We [develop companies’] sustainability strategies. The second field is NGOs, we believe that a sustainable and transparent civil society matters a lot for a community’s good. So we are helping NGOs build their capacity and to measure their social impact – monitoring and evaluation…The third field is social innovation. Actually, social innovation is embedded in everything we are doing but we still see it as a separate title because we also develop our own projects that we conduct inside, in house.”

On corporate responsibility & sustainability (7:02-16:28):

“Being a responsible company is a competitive advantage.”

On the projects most needed in TR and across the world (16:28-20:22):

Companies “should start making projects not only with NGOs and helping society but also inside, having a more innovative production process, more energy efficient applications in the production process, more innovative solutions to increase their employees personal development.” Companies should also use their expertise and employee volunteering to transfer social benefit to the community.

On what companies can do to become more sustainable (20:22-22:13):

“They should establish a community, a sustainability community, representing different departments in the company…They should make a screening of what they have and what they need to do…Ideally, the company should do this, after a while, by itself. It should be integrated; and reporting is a good tool.”

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