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Imona Cloud

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Imona Cloud is a web based platform that makes it easier and around 5 times faster to develop enterprise business apps. The company overview from ICT Proposers’ Day 2012 further describes the service saying, “The apps developed in the platform can be deployed to Imona Marketplace (app store), and be marketed to small and medium enterprises in pay per use basis.”

Imona Cloud’s slogan is “Affordable. Faster. Better.,” and the company markets itself as being more efficient and requiring less expertise than current alternatives. Still, two questions come to mind from a social enterprise perspective: Affordable for whom? And, how little expertise? The answers to these questions will not necessarily determine whether the product is innovative. They will, however, tell us much more about the target market than the term small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). It seems clear to me that this product has the potential to make an impact but will it make a social impact? Will it help small business owners, potentially in rural areas, to run their businesses more efficiently and to increase their incomes? I guess we won’t know until we ask…

In the meantime, watch the video and see for yourself. Also, check out Frogtek – empowering micro-entrepreneurs through business tools in mobile devices.


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