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140 Journos

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The Institute of Creative Minds is an Istanbul based organization that “develops projects on the use of public space and advocates an easier accession into information, design and art.” One of its recent projects, 140Journos, is a mobile application that enables and encourages citizen journalism. The project is a response to the “current approach of mainstream media” and is “an independent counter media movement without an editorial controlling system [that] defends free journalism.” The 140 Journos App will be available on the Android Market and in the App Store.

More 140Journos Video and Radio Coverage: Old crowdfunding video [English subtitles], Kumanda TV video interview [Turkish], SosyalKafa video interview[Turkish], Acik Radyo interview [Turkish]

For more information from 140Journos: WebsiteSoundCloud, Facebook, @140journos

For more information on the Institute of Creative Minds: Website, Facebook, @yfenstitusu, LinkedIn


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BugdayProfile_pg1 BugdayProfile_pg2

For more Green Entrepreneurs Profiles see the Regional Activity Centre for Cleaner Production’s website. Many thanks to Matthias Scheffelmeier at Ashoka Turkey for the referral!

For more information on Bugday: Website, Facebook, @BugdayDernegi


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Argande: A fashion line empowering and boosting economic prospects for women

According to the UNDP article, A Fashionable Development in Turkey,  “Female entrepreneurs in Turkey, with the help of the country’s fashion industry, the United Nations Development Programme and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), have created an innovative new apparel line—one that also boosts the economic prospects for women in Turkey’s South East Anatolia region. The line of clothes and accessories, the Argande Collection, debuted on the runway in February during Istanbul Fashion Week. The collection is also available in 17 stores in seven provinces in Turkey…145 women in Turkey’s South East Anatonlia region developed the fashion line…[and] drew inspiration for their deisgns from traditional Anatolian motifs.”

For more information: Website, UNDP Article, Facebook, @ARGANDE, Fashion Show (Video), “How Argande was born” (Video).

Ekle Destekle: +1 Sosyal Adım (+1 Social Step)

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Ekle Destekle, or +1 Soysal Adim (+1 Social Step), gives people ownership of directed advertising while also giving them the opportunity to fundraise for the charity of their choice.

Through the company’s website, individuals download the Ekle Destekle add-on to their browsers. An additional bar appears at the top of each individual’s web browser. On the bar, they select the charity of their choice, receive a tailored newsfeed with announcements from that charity and enter limited personal information. Using the basic personal information that Ekle Destekle users consciously provide, companies are able to purchase advertisements and directly reach their target audience through the newsfeeds. The majority of the profits from advertising go to chairity. Downloading the add-on is free for users and they do so with the knowledge that every minute they spend on the internet they are fundraising for their favorite NGO. This is a UN Business project and currently focuses its support on three major NGOs.

For more information: WebsitePartner organization article, @arti1SosyalAdim, Facebook.

Foscat 32: The Folding Solar Catamaran

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Another amazing project by Designnobis. Can’t get enough.

“FOSCAT32(folding solar catamaran) is a new alternative concept cat sail vessel that consumes no fuel and has high energy efficiency. She is a new generation catboat which encourages environmental responsibility. In addition, the lightweight folding hulls are easy to handle ashore and require virtually no maintenance. FOSCAT32 is one of the first folding cats, which can easily be folded on docks and on any shore. She reduces the wind profile during docking; and while landing the hulls can be easily retracted with folding rudders and mast.”

Cans’n Caps

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Check out this project from Designnobis! Loving it.

Designobis is an award winning Turkish product design consultancy. This year alone, it won 5 Green Dot awards, including for Foscat32, a foldable solar catamaran, Villa Sera, self sustained housing units, and a social impact project called Cans’n Caps.

The company website describes the Cans’n Caps project saying, “Cans’n Caps are designed to re-use every aluminum beverage can in several different ways. It adds various functions to used cans with each different cap.Every minute an average of 113,204 aluminum cans are recycled while around 100,000 cans are thrown away and end up in landfills. Cans’n Caps offer a simple but efficient way of reusing these aluminum cans by turning them into functional and fun objects of everyday life. The design goal behind this project is to reduce aluminum can waste in nature by re-using them, while raising environmental conscience among people around the world.”